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One Billion Rising Revolution

One Billion Rising Coordinators Meet in Croatia

Last month, One Billion Rising global coordinators from around the world gathered in Croatia to review the 2016 campaign and envision the One Billion Rising 2017 campaign.

In 2016, the theme of Revolution continued to be fully embraced as a call for system change – change of mindsets, change of structures that keep violence in place. Change in consciousness, awareness and understanding of issues, change in patriarchal values and cultures, change in policies that affect women economically, socially and sexually/ physically, change in revolving patterns of control, oppression and repression.

The OBR team and global coordinators also discussed the following themes and focus points as part of the meeting:

  • Intersectional issues focusing on garment factory workers, indigenous communities, migrant and domestic workers, human and sex trafficking and women refugees and displaced people.
  • Personal and political obstacles
  • Grassroots organizing and mobilizing
  • Art and Activism Initiatives
  • Youth Risings
  • The Revolution and the Earth and Environment
  • Rising and organizing within political and state conflicts and repression
  • Racism and the “Say Her Name” campaign in America
  • Forms of exploitation of women and girls, local, regional and international
  • Global Solidarity

CONTINUING WITH THE RISE FOR REVOLUTION CALL: So much of the violence towards women and girls we are seeing today has at its root – deep seated discrimination, exploitation, marginalization and oppression – in all structural forms – sexual, economic, political, social, cultural. The cry from global activists around the world as shared by OBR global coordinators and organizers – from the streets to the Houses of Congress, from schools to theatres, from indigenous communities to factories, from social media to films, from urban poor communities to city squares with people from all walks of life – is the removal and transformation of an unjust social system that not only allows, but encourages physical, economic, social, mental and emotional violence.

ART AS CREATIVE RESISTANCE: When people danced around the world, and when they Rose for revolution using art as a powerful form of creative resistance – it is the world dancing and demanding defiantly to hold governments, institutions of authority and power, and other perpetrators accountable for their actions. It is collective artistic action that incites, and mobilizes, arouses, awakens and inspires people to come together in unity as both a local and global community. It is the creative “people power” force that will transform our present global structure characterized by patriarchy and capitalist greed into a world free from exploitation, discrimination and oppression.

As they envisioned 2017 plans, global coordinators concluded at the meeting that the One Billion Rising global dance of global connection and solidarity is both a disruption and a commitment to do everything in our power to keep building a world of equality, freedom, peace and dignity – and a world free of violence.

Preparations are now underway for the launch of One Billion Rising 2017:




The Revolution continues…………

"So we must learn the art and practice of disruption. We must release the tentacles of our false securities and interrupt the world as we know it. We must assume that anywhere we live or anything we are doing can change or disintegrate on a dime and we must practice changing and letting it go. Living as if there is no future but the one we are creating. Nothing guaranteed but our willingness to live as pioneers of a new consciousness and way. And we must become disrupters. That is the power of creative resistance. Interrupting business as usual, taking stands that forfeit our acceptance or economic elevation, risking disapproval and controversy, participating in actions that loosen our grip on the suicidal givens and push the tyrants to fall. Disrupters, fighting and dancing with all our might for life over comfort."

– Eve Ensler (V-Day and OBR Founder and Artistic Director)

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