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One Billion Rising Revolution

RISE In Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Mother Earth by the Dakota Access Pipeline
By Jessica Montoya, OBR New Mexico Coordinator


“United We Stand! No DAPL! Water Is Life!” Copyright Shaun Beyale 2016

One Billion Rising stands in solidarity with activists and organizers who are opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Jessica Montoya, OBR New Mexico Coordinator, shares her thoughts on the critical need to RISE against the exploitation of Mother Earth and connects the dots to the broader movement to end all forms of violence against women and girls:

"Violence against women has deep historical roots in the destruction of Mother Earth and those who are tasked with her protection. This violence and destruction is evident through the centuries of European colonization. As with the pillage and plunder of the land, so too have Native people been systematically murdered, raped and oppressed since the European stumbled onto the Americas.

We are witnessing a rise of movements to end racism, violence and environmental rape, the people who have protected Mother Earth, unnoticed for decades, have come together in tribal unity to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and members of many other tribes from what is present day U.S. and Canada, along with non-Natives have been protesting this devastating project for months.

On Saturday, 3 September, the Dakota Access pipeline company horrifically attacked Native American water protectors with dogs and pepper spray as they protested against a $3.8 billion pipeline construction. The proposed pipeline would carry about 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield to Illinois, along with the proposed pipeline would come hundreds of workers who engage in sex-trafficking, rape and rampant violence against women." 

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WATCH VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray  on Democracy NOW!

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RISE in Solidarity with the activists at Sacred Stone Camp:

SUPPORT Sacred Stone Camp HERE

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