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One Billion Rising Revolution

One Billion Rising 2017 Campaign Announced:


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Today, One Billion Rising announced the fifth year of the campaign and theme: Solidarity to End the Exploitation of Women. Developed by the One Billion Rising global coordinators at their annual meeting in Lopud, Croatia, the 2017 campaign will sharpen the focus and visibility to the exploitation of women, and to harness even stronger global solidarity to demand an end to violence against women in all forms.

Through the collective efforts of activists in 200 countries, the campaign has mobilised, engaged, awakened and joined people worldwide to end violence against women. It has made violence against women a global human issue not relegated to country or tribe or class or religion, and revealed it as a patriarchal mandate, present in every culture of the world.

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RISE! - Understanding Exploitation

Exploitation is the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work and the action of making use of and benefiting from resources. For women and girls, they are rendered more vulnerable to abuse of power in all areas - the home, in the workplace, and economically - when they have few or no options for survival. Risings worldwide in 2017 will demand an end to ALL forms of exploitation of women and girls.


When people dance around the world, and when they Rise for revolution using art as a creative resistance it is a global defiant demand to hold governments, institutions of authority and power, and other perpetrators accountable for their actions. Collective artistic action has the power to incite and mobilize, to arouse, awaken and inspire people to come together in one unified purpose as both a local and global community. It is a creative force that carries with it hope and will powerful enough to transform our present global structure of patriarchy and capitalist greed into a new world with justice and freedom at its core. In the last fours years of the campaign we have seen DANCE remain and intensify as a wild, bold and radical embodiment of celebration, demand, protest and hope.

Connect! Why Solidarity?

Because a gathering of people joined in their determination for change puts pressure and accountability on state agencies, as well as cultural and international institutions, on their responsibility to prioritize ending violence against women and girls. Because unity creates hope and hope creates strength for a shared vision. This vision escalates Art as both a powerful personal and collective form of protest and creative resistance. Because working together on global themes - allowing broad and deeper connectedness with other campaigns and movements - and facilitating a more pronounced awareness and education on global issues on a local level - gives opportunity to connect the global issues to local issues. Because being connected encourages inclusivity - and this continues and sustains diversity of participation - from youth groups and students, older and new generation activists and feminists, media, bloggers, artists, academics, teachers, men and boys of all ages.

Because there can be no REVOLUTION without SOLIDARITY. We cannot call for system change – change of mindsets; change of structures that keep violence in place; change in consciousness, awareness and understanding of violence; the end of patriarchal values and cultures; change in policies that affect women economically, socially, sexually, racially, physically, emotionally; the end of the revolving patterns of control, oppression and exploitation – ALONE. Solidarity is radical connection. This revolution demands commitment, courage, trust, belief, and LOVE.


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"Rising Solidarity" Blog Series Launches

The campaign's new blog series Rising Solidarity will foreground voices of the activists and organizers sharing their experiences of Solidarity. We have launched the series with the piece POLITICS OF WOMEN'S SOLIDARITY by Lepa Mladjenovic from Belgrade, Serbia. New blogs will be added to the piece throughout the campaign.

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Global Coordinators Share Regional Launch Plans From Around the World

The 2017 campaign is launching around the world throughout September. Read about the local issues and exploitations communities are Rising against, and how they are incorporating radical artistic expressions into their events as a show of Solidarity.

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