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On International Women's Day - WE RISE!

In Solidarity with A Day Without A Woman & the International Women's Strike

8 March, International Women's Day, is a day rooted in the historic actions and struggles of women workers taking to the streets demanding women's rights, safety, and equality. In that spirit and to continue that work, One Billion Rising activists around the world are RISING in their communities as a part of One Billion Rising In Solidarity Against the Exploitation of women campaign. Together, we stand in solidarity with all women around the world rising for women's rights, including the International Women's Action and The Women's March: A Day Without a Woman. Here is a glimpse of some of the events, their local context, and specific calls to action:

Hong Kong

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On 5 March, One Billion Rising Hong Kong – headed by Gabriela Hong Kong – led women Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in commemorating the International Women's Day 2017 in a program-rally dubbed as “March of Women OFWs for Rights, Livelihood and Social Justice”. Migrant and domestic workers in Hong Kong participated in the Rising Strike event.


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Across caste, class, religion, ethnicity, abilities, disabilities, gender identities, sexual
orientations, educational levels and occupation, we speak out: Together For Equality, Dignity, Safety, Freedom And Employment! This Women's Day we come together to celebrate our solidarities and our resistance to the brazen patriarchal, casteist, communal and regressive forces that are operating with utter impunity in the country. Together we reaffirm our commitment to building a violence-free, just society. The march is being organized by 30organizations, including One Billion Rising Delhi.


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On March 8th, International Women's Day, OBR Jogjakarta will be dancing down the streets to voice the struggles of women and to keep fighting against sexual violence!


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Un Billón de Pie México organizers and activist have hosted a Rising nearly every day since 14 February, with students, artists, actors, politicians and many more, leading up to their International Women's Day event with over 5,000 people excepted to attend in Cancun on 10 March.


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On 7 March, a coalition of activists hosted "Artivizm art in Mongolia - Rising for family and sexual violence victims through Art"


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In the Philippines, led by One Billion Rising organizers Gabriela National Alliance of Women and Gabriela Women's Party, women and men across the country will take part in #WomenStrike Rising, centering in a main event in Manila with demands for President Duterte to keep his promises to dismantle US military intervention, scrap anti-worker laws, create local industrialization and forge peace talks with revolutionary forces. OBR Philippines will RISE and STRIKE against imperialism, fascism and patriarchy on March 8th!


In commemoration of International Women's Day a panel will be hosted with a diverse range of leaders working on public policy and activism on ending violence against girls and women. The purpose of the panel is to give sharper focus and visibility to the issue of violence against girls and women, and to share what is being done to address this epidemic what are the policies formulated to address violence against girls and women? Are they effective? What are some of the challenges and achievements? The panelists will share policies, challenges and progress from a national level touching on global solidarity and support.


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On International Women's Day, we are reclaiming the US Department of Labor for women workers! Join the coalition of women's rights, workers' rights and labor rights activists, unions, advocacy groups and artists at Women Workers Rising Rally & Artistic Uprising in Washington D.C. This radical event will feature the stories, voices, and demands of women workers to end workplace violence and harassment, and promote pay equity, one fair living wage, and labor rights at work.

Featuring Women Workers from the coalition as well as Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Eve Ensler (playwright and Founder of One Billion Rising, V-Day) Climbing PoeTree, Department of Labor Chorus, Sarah Newell and Gabriela Rosazza (International Labor Rights Forum), Jean Ross (National Nurses Co-President United), Joanna Cifredo (Transgender Activist), Keri Gray (Intersectionality and Youth Programming Artist), Saru Jayaraman (Executive Director of ROC- United), Sophia Urista (singer, The Voice), Sophorn Yang (President of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unionists), Angeles Solis (United Students Against Sweatshops), and more.

UPDATED Starting Point at the Department of Labor Announced

The event begins at 3:30pm at the US Department of Labor (C Street NW at 3rd Street NW).

At approximately 4:30pm, we will march from the Department of Labor to John Marshall Park for the second portion of the program.

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