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Dear V-Day Friends, Activists, and Supporters,

As we enter the holiday season of gratitude and giving, I want to thank you - thank you for caring about women and girls. Thank you for loving your community. Thank you for giving your time and energy and talent and leadership and wild vagina and vagina-friendly selves. Thank you for being brave and stepping up and knowing you can change what is happening and knowing we are all responsible for protecting women and girls, which leads to empowering them. Thank you for knowing that when women are free and safe, life itself is protected, as is our future. Thank you for being on this journey and bringing others with you. Thank you for doing all this in such difficult times across the planet, a time when so many are unemployed and living in poverty, when our precious earth is imperiled. Thank you for not succumbing to cynicism and hopelessness. We know that for over 13 years V-Day has, through you, moved into 140 countries, and raised over 75 million dollars for grassroots groups. We know you have created a vagina revolution around the world, broken taboos, given women opportunities to find their voice, educated and welcomed men.

It is with your giving this holiday and this V-Season that we will end violence against women and girls in the Congo, in Haiti and everywhere.

With V-Love,


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PS - Our work is needed more than ever - here's my latest piece on the Congo entitled "No More Rape."

READ Eve's Latest Huffington Post Article: "No More Rape"

In November, Eve traveled to the DRC, her first trip to the region since recovering from cancer.

"I have been back in Bukavu, DRC for two weeks now meeting with leaders, activists, social workers, therapists, recent survivors, business owners, UN officials. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the situation on the ground remains the same if not worse. Just a few weeks ago over 600 women were raped on the Congo-Angola border, over 15,000 women have been raped in eastern Congo this year. The massacres and recruiting of child soldiers continue. The indiscriminate and random killings rage on...."

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Give The Gift Of V-Day For The Holidays!

In this season of generosity, you can give to the world by giving to V-Day. Your tax-deductible V-Card or donation* will enable us to empower more local networks and change the lives of women and girls worldwide. With your support, we WILL end violence against women and girls.

*December 31st is the last day to make charitable donations in order to claim them on your 2010 tax return. 87 cents of every dollar you give goes to ending violence against women and girls.

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