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Happy V-Day from Eve

Dear V-Activists,

Happiest V-Day 2011! Today I am filled with so much excitement, gratitude, pride. This year we have 1,500 events in 57 countries and all 50 of the United States. We have V-Day's in places far and wide from Armenia to Peru, Angola to South Korea. We have a V-Day in Mongolia for the first time. We opened City of Joy, the most magnificent small village for women to come into their power in Bukavu, DRC. We have safe houses in Kenya, South Dakota, Haiti, Pakistan. We have a rapidly expanding V-Girls network. We are spotlighting Haiti and supporting an ambitious project directed and designed by our sisters in Haiti. We have thousands of V-Activists reaching millions of people. We have joy, anger, frustration, exhilaration, anticipation.

On this precious day, I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I want to thank you for your leadership. Each one of you is leading the way for others, carving paths for women to walk in and creating a world for women and men to believe in. Thank you for believing with me in this vision that women can be free and empowered and safe. The opening of City of Joy was a huge opening for all of us, for this movement, and now is the time to go further. Egypt and Tunisia are once again proof that movements are what change the world.



V-Day 2011 Season Of Events And Campaigns Kicks Off With The Opening Of City Of Joy In Bukavu, DRC

We are pleased to announce our 2011 season of events and campaigns today. Since it was founded by Eve Ensler in 1998, V-Day has shattered taboos and raised over $80 million, transforming communities to end violence against women and girls. Working at the intersection of art, social action, and politics, V-Day empowers grassroots activists to become leaders, turning pain to power.

The 2011 season of events, which was kicked off with the opening of the City of Joy in Bukavu, DRC, is a global program which includes:

Over 1,500 V-Day benefit events in 57 countries around the globe
2011 Spotlight Campaign on the Women and Girls of Haiti
The Campus Accountability Project
V-Girls Continues to Expand
Eve Ensler book tour and speaking engagements

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V-Day Statement on Tunisia and Egypt Revolutions

For almost two months, the world has witnessed the true power and strength that dedicated, bold, and courageous people can have over their lives, their governments, and their countries. The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have changed their nations forever, and are important and beautiful reminders that when people trust and find their voices, when they stand for their truth and commit to going all the way, when they put aside their fears and embrace their own self worth, the world will change. The Tunisian and Egyptian people have given the world an incredible gift, a model to all people everywhere. It is up to us now to continue this revolution, to embrace this paradigm, to stand up for our neighbors and ourselves. Now is the time for those that have been repressed, those who have had their rights, their economic futures, their freedoms robbed, to rise and speak out. And as we have learned from these recent events, revolution begins with one courageous soul, and can become a gorgeous contagion.

V-Day stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Tunisia and Egypt, with people everywhere who are reclaiming their power and voice, and bringing the revolution home.

READ: Women's eNews: "'City of Joy' Celebrates Survival, Love and Funding"

WeNews correspondent Jurate Kazickas was on hand to witness and document the opening celebration of City of Joy, in Bukavu, DRC.

BUKAVU, Democratic Republic of Congo (WOMENSENEWS)--The opening ceremonies here for the City of Joy were full of singing, dancing, cheers and signs of hope--in the smiling faces of women who had survived rape--of being safe at last.

The City of Joy is a project to empower the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo, centered around a compound of buildings that the women envisioned for themselves: small houses for privacy, meeting rooms, open fields for gardens and children's playgrounds.

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Today, show your love for that special person in your life by supporting V-Day! Make a donation on behalf of your loved ones and V-Day will send a specially designed 2011 Valentine's Day V-Card letting them know of their unique gift in their honor.

The V-Gift will be used to address the most critical issues of violence against women and girls around the world.

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