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V-DAY LAUNCHES THE V-REPORT - Stand Up Against Silence & Impunity!

In response to the recent dismissal of the sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, V-Day has launched a new online initiative, The V-Report, calling on women everywhere to share their stories of abuse and to call for an end to the impunity of perpetrators of violence against women. The V-Report is located online at, and provides a place for women to share their story in a safe, public space where they will be heard and recorded. The site also offers information and resources for women currently in need of assistance. Eve Ensler announced the launch of initiative today through her Huffington Post Op-Ed "The V-Report".

The day DSK was dismissed I sent this out via Twitter: I am so OVER women being put on trial when they get raped, leaving their houses when they get beaten, quitting jobs after they get harassed.

Within seconds, emails, tweets and Facebook responses began to pour in. Women sent me stories about cases reported and unreported.

One woman pressed charges against a younger male student who stalked and attempted to rape her at Seminary school. She wrote to the Dean and a church district Superintendent. She was told no one could help her. She faced much hostility from members of her community. She kept going. Her tale had a happy ending: "I was granted my Order of Protection; I am affecting important change here at my school, the school is stepping up to create better policies."

A 12-year-old in Missouri is blamed for reporting a rape and forced to write a written apology to the boy who raped her and deliver it personally. She is accused of filing a fake report and thrown out of school. Then, when she returned to school, he sexually assaulted her again. Her mother took her to an advocate and they discovered his DNA on her clothes. Eventually the boy plead guilty.


NEW V-Men Column: Why I Am A V-Man by Vava Tampa

Vava Tampa is the founding director of Save the Congo -a not-for-profit and non-political global campaigning organisation working to raise awareness of the human tragedy overwhelming the Congo, and to change social condition that often give rise to wars, poverty, corruption and abuse. Born in the Congo, Vava uses the transformative power of story to challenge, inform, and entertain his audience on many of the key issues of the day.

Growing up, I do not recall having ever thought deeply about equality of the sexes. When friends ask why I work for Save the Congo, I have always responded that I became an activist by accident; and remained one out of necessity. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a foot soldier in the cause of justice and human dignity. The fact that men and women were not treated equally did not occur to me as a boy.

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TICKETS ON SALE NOW! See Eve Speak at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco Tuesday, September 27th

JOIN US on Tuesday, September 27th, for an evening with Tony Award-winner and V-Day Founder Eve Ensler, hosted by the world renowned Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Eve has chosen San Francisco to deliver her first talk based on her upcoming book entitled CongoCancer, scheduled for release in late 2012.

Ensler has chosen San Francisco to deliver her first talk based on her upcoming book entitled CongoCancer, scheduled for release in late 2012.

"The evening will be a gathering calling up the outrage, courage, tenderness and wisdom that lives in the body which is the body of the world," stated Ensler. "It will look at how surviving cancer, violence or suffering is the pathway to connection, transformation and revolution. It will be a call to our second wind, to the woman spring."

This special one-night only public speaking engagement is presented by V-Day and a committee of Bay area leaders including Owsley Brown III, Susie Tompkins Buell, Laurene Powell Jobs, Barb Jones, Amanda Jones, Frannie Kieschnick, Belinda Munoz, Julie Parish, JaMel Perkins, Dr. Jane Shaw, Erin Strain, Mark Grace, and Marie Moore along with V-Day board members Emily Scott Pottruck, Amy Rao, and Susan Celia Swan and V-Counsel member Beth Karpfinger.

Tickets are $20, $75, and $150 (Student discount tickets are $15)


SPECIAL $1000 TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE - These include entry for one to Eve's talk at Grace and to an intimate after gathering with Eve and the presenting committee. Purchase HERE >


WATCH: Eve's Latest TED Talk - "Suddenly, My Body" has posted Eve's latest talk, taped at TED Women last year. Here's the description from "Writer, activist Eve Ensler lived in her head. In this powerful talk from TEDWomen, she talks about her lifelong disconnection from her body -- and how two shocking events helped her to connect with the reality, the physicality of being human." Don't miss this latest from Eve and TED!

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