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V-Girls South Africa Hold "Refuser" March in Johannesburg

On October 22, V-Girls South Africa took to the streets in Johannesburg in the first ever "Refuser" March. V-Girls South Africa leaders Mbali Khumalo, Busi Mkumbuzi, and Samu Khumalo Madonsela led a team of girl activists to plan the event, galvanize their friends, publicize the event, and ensure people got to the event, which necessitated organizing free bus rides for girls all over Johannesburg to join the march. The leaders shared, "The march is about saying enough, I have had enough. We are going to be singing, chanting, we are going to be girls. We are refusers!" Hundreds of girls marched in home-made "Eco/Emo" recycled short skirts emblazoned with the declaration "MINE". The Refuser March was envisioned and organized by girls, for girls to uplift and empower young people and sound a call to action with their message, "When one girls suffers, we all suffer."

WATCH - Refuser March South Africa (Footage by Tony Stroebel) >

Emotional Creature to Premiere at Berkeley Rep

Eve Ensler announced to a sold-out audience at Berkeley Rep Theatre on October 21 that her new play Emotional Creature will premiere at the Rep's Roda Theatre in June 2012. Emotional Creature, based on Eve's bestselling book I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls, was developed in workshops in Johannesburg and Paris and inspired V-Day's newest initiative, V-Girls - a global network of girl activists empowering themselves and one another to change the world, one girl at a time. "Emotional Creature is about being a girl in the world in 2011 and about discovering the girl in each of us," says Eve. "It is about changing the verb from 'please' to 'create' or 'defy' or 'resist' or 'imagine.' Where else would we begin this in America than Berkeley, in what other theatre than Berkeley Rep, which has a gorgeous history of pushing the edge, engaging in social issues, and conjuring community." To purchase tickets, or for more information, call (510) 647-2949 or toll-free at (888) 4-BRT-TIX or visit

- Mercury News
- Playbill
- TheaterMania
- Broadway World

Emotional Creature Thriving in Paris, Igniting V-Girls Movement in France

V-Day and MCR Productions curated workshop productions of Emotional Creature in Paris at Cine 13 Theatre are bringing the V-Girls revolution to Paris and the media is taking note! The show has been running since mid September and was extended until October 29. Performed in English with French subtitles, the cast includes French cast members, Sophie Lor, Mégane Mandin, Gaëlle Marie, British cast members, Neve Faulkner and Eno Williams-Uffort and Karabo Tshikube from South Africa. Mégane Mandin shared on the V-Girls blog, "I chose to get involved with Emotional Creature to accomplish myself as a girl of this world, the inner girl that is alive in each one of us. Carpe diem, baby." Tickets are now on sale and available at

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WATCH Emotional Creature Premiere in Paris >

V-Girls Action Team Gathers in New York City

The V-Girls Action Team, a dynamic team of girl activists from around the world, gathered in New York City to envision and plan the next phase of the V-Girls movement. Team members convened from South Africa, France, Israel, Peru, New Mexico, Maine, Arizona, California, South Dakota, and Washington, DC and met with Eve to share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas to connect and empower girls globally and inspire activism for the next generation of V-Leaders. Mai Shbeta, V-Girls Action Team Member from Israel, shared, "I was told not to cry. I want women to be able to express themselves: what they want, what they hate, and what they love. There is no 'in five years.' There's only now." The V-Girls Action Team also planned and led an open workshop with Eve Ensler for teen girls in the New York City area at the Brooklyn High School for the Arts.

VIEW the photo gallery from the V-Girls Action Team Gathering >

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