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On Tuesday, September 27, over 1,000 people filed through the Grace Cathedral doors, sat beneath the famous stained glass windows and high arches lit in reds and pinks, and listened as Tony Award winner and V-Day Founder/Artistic Director Eve Ensler called forth the women's spring, the end of the individual, and the beginning of the second wind. The sold out evening in San Francisco was Eve's first talk based on her upcoming book entitled CongoCancer, scheduled for release in February 2013. Eve was joined by renowned Iranian composer, singer, and performance artist Sussan Deyhim, whose beautiful and haunting vocals opened and closed the evening, providing the musical backdrop to Eve's final message to the audience to RISE UP, REFUSE AND DANCE!


"...more than 1,000 women and men were ready to really hear her message about personal accountability. A core theme-we're obsessed with who we are, well the why and what we do is much more essential-has resonated with me all day." - "Eve At Grace," The San Franista >

"Eve Ensler, Tony award-winning playwright, performer and activist electrified Grace Cathedral's labyrinthed space as she spoke with incredible courage and intense authenticity about cancer, both as a pivotal part of her personal journey having come out on the other side of it stronger than ever and as a metaphor for the diseases eating away at our collective humanity." "Inner Strength and Cancer," The Halfway Point >

EVE AT GRACE Twittersphere

V-Day live tweeted throughout the night, as did many attendees - here is a sampling:

@patpaley (Pat Mitchell)
Eve Ensler at Grace cathedral said 'death won't be the end: indifference will.'

Amazing. Thank you Eve for the 2nd wind. MT @VDay: @eveensler calls for1 billion women to rise up on 2/14/13 for the women's spring!

Feeling fortunate to be at Eve at Grace (seeing playwright Ensler speak at a cathedral is awing my Catholic-raised self). #vday

"I declare today the end of the individual." -EveEnsler on community, the future of girls + #interdependence

Lovely night at Grace Cathedral with @eveensler !!!! Her speech was moving, inspiring, and so full of love. As always!

Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back. -EveEnsler

RT @VDay: "The only salvation is kindness. The only way out is care... The second wind is coming." - @eveensler

"@VDay: "Girls are our future" - @eveensler at @gracecathedral (cc @EmoCreature)" #wlsalt

"To build a new world you need community. You must make difficult promises + keep them. Keep your promise. Promise big."

RT @michelemandell Religious experience w/ @eveensler. "Death will not be our end; indifference will. Spread the word.

I forgot to breath while listening to @eveensler @VDay pure power!!

Everyone is standing, some are dancing, @eveensler is jumping... RISE UP! #ABOW We are tweeting...

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

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