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Dear Activists, Friends, and Supporters,

As the holiday season begins, we are so thankful for the incredible gift of V-Day, this uncontainable force for good made up of people like you across this planet who continue to fight to end all forms of violence against women and girls.

At this time of year-end thanks and reflection, we are also so pleased to share with you Viva Vevolution!, V-Day's annual report, which documents an incredible and unique year in our movement.

In an effort to be more sustainable, we are offering the report in an interactive online format. We hope you enjoy it.

CLICK HERE for the 2011 Annual Report - Viva Vevolution! >

he 2010-2011 year was a time of great transformation for our team at V-Day as well as for our activists and supporters globally. When we look back at this year, we see a deepening of our collective commitment to ending violence against women and girls and a renewed clarity about our work and the path ahead.

Here is what we know: We are a global change movement. We have no interest in patching up this system as it is. We support women leaders and visionaries in grassroots communities who are changing the traditions, structures, norms, givens, politics, laws, and religious imperatives of those communities. We believe in all-out change and revolution and we know nothing less will suffice if we want to end violence and save the planet.

This past year, V-Day was brought to new communities with more women and men involved at a grassroots level than ever before. Our work in Haiti met critical needs for women survivors of violence, while in the Congo we opened the City of Joy, already a catalyst for our global movement. We saw V-Day touch new groups as V-Girls was ignited and V-Men gained momentum through a burgeoning male-driven effort. Our inspiring, taboo-breaking college and community activists went even further this year, organizing over 5,000 V-Day events in all 50 United States and Puerto Rico and in more than 60 countries.

While our work has had great success, the political, economic, and social climate has gotten worse in many ways. The Occupy Wall Street movement has illuminated the clear and direct connections between economic hardship and the struggles of women trapped in violent situations around the world, while scandals such as the one that took place at Penn State University have reminded us that true and meaningful conversations about gender, power, and abuse are urgently needed.

There is much work to be done, and what is required now is visionary and strategic action. As V-Day approaches its 15th anniversary in February 2013, we need you more than ever to be with us, to give your time and resources and love to the work of ending violence.

There is nothing more important.

With our deepest gratitude and V-love and wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving to you all,

Eve and the V-Team ( Susan, Cecile, Christine, Purva, Shael, Tony, Kate, Amy, Laura, Nikki, and Carl )

CLICK HERE for the 2011 Annual Report, Viva Vevolution! >

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*December 31st is the last day to make charitable donations in order to claim them on your 2010 tax return. 86 cents of every dollar you give goes to ending violence against women and girls.

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