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CDC Releases New Report: 1 in 5 Women in U.S. Survey Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted

On Wednesday, the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) released The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), an exhaustive report on rape and intimate partner violence, affirming what many organizations and advocates have long suspected, that sexual violence against women remains endemic in the United States and is more common then previously thought.

The findings, based on interviews with 9,086 women and 7,421 men in 2010, found that nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point, and one in four reported having been beaten by an intimate partner. 1 percent of women surveyed reported being raped in the previous year, a figure that suggests that 1.3 million American women annually may be victims of rape or attempted rape. This figure is nearly five times larger then the previous estimate of 272,350, anational statistic on sexual violence against women in the U.S. from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In light of these disturbing findings, we urge all of our activists and organizers to use this information to fuel your passion and dedication to end the violence. These numbers illustrate how much work we have ahead of us, however we have seen time and again how even just a few passionate, empowered people can change communities, cultures, and the world. V-Season is almost upon us, if you are already an organizer or on a V-Team vow today to make this years V-Day event your biggest, boldest yet. If you are not already involved, get involved, organize or find an event near you to join. Speak up, speak out, speak truth to power, and change the story of women!

- Download the full report here >
- The New York Times: "Nearly 1 in 5 Women in U.S. Survey Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted" >

- Organize a V-Day event >
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TAKE ACTION: CAP Winter Break Challenge - Help us reach 300 published policies!

The holiday season is upon us, which means it's time for V-Day and SAFER's second annual Winter Break Challenge! We are asking YOU to participate in the Campus Accountability Project (CAP) to hold your school accountable for preventing and responding to sexual violence on your campus. Whether you are a current student or recent alum, we invite you to TAKE ACTION and submit your schools into the CAP database to reach a goal of 300 published policies.

Register at to use the easy, step-by-step policy review form. CAP helps you identify the gaps in your school's policy and inspires concrete ideas for action on your campus. Soon we'll be able to look at all of the schools in the database and report back on trends across the country - your participation is a key part of this national conversation.

You can also help kick-start real change on campuses nationwide by encouraging your friends and fellow activists to submit to CAP. For those whose schools are already in the database, share the love by posting the Facebook event, pass along the Why Policy video, and engage with us across social media platforms.

LEARN more & TAKE action >

VIVA VEVOLUTION! V-Day's 2010-2011 Annual Report Available

V-Day's 2010-2011 Annual Report, Viva Vevolution!, which is an overview of the last year at V-Day, is available to view and download online!

CLICK HERE for the 2011 Annual Report, Viva Vevolution! >

REQUEST a paper copy of the Annual Report >

DONATE to V-Day* >

*December 31st is the last day to make charitable donations in order to claim them on your 2010 tax return. 86 cents of every dollar you give goes to ending violence against women and girls.

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