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WATCH: Barricade To Ballot Box: Female Candidates In Egypt's First Democratic Elections

During the past year of revolution and change in Egypt, long-time V-Day activist and photojournalist Tara Todras-Whitehill has dedicated her time to document and highlight the role of women in both the uprising and the political landscape that followed Mubarak's resignation. V-Day was proud to support Tara in this project, and we are pleased to share with you this important look at four women who are running in the first parliamentary elections:

My name is Tara Todras-Whitehill. I am a photojournalist based in Cairo, Egypt.

I returned to Cairo where I lived from 2005-2007 to photograph Egypt's revolution from its first fitful marches to Mubarak's resignation on February 11, 2011. As I watched history unfold in downtown Cairo, I was struck by the number of women participating in the protests. They commanded the respect of male protesters, who in other circumstances would have dismissed, harassed or even assaulted them.

I wondered what these women who had stood side-by-side with men at the revolution's barricades would do next. I wondered how they would turn what they'd done into real political power in Egypt's new democracy. And so I decided to document female candidates running in Egypt's first truly free parliamentary elections.

WATCH the video & CONTINUE reading >

CONGRATULATIONS! V-Board Member Salma Hayek Inducted To French Legion of Honour!

V-Day is so proud to announce that V-Day Board member, philanthropist, and actor Salma Hayek has been chosen by President Nicolas Sarkozy to join France's Legion of Honour!

Through her activism, acting, and producing, Salma has proved to be a woman of courage. She has lead by example, opening doors and creating new opportunities for women and girls everywhere. She continuously brings new voices into the fight for women's rights, and raises awareness for important issues that are all too often kept silent.

The Legion of Honour is the highest national decoration. Established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, it rewards the outstanding merits of citizens in all walks of life, regardless of social, economic, or hereditary backgrounds. There are five levels of this award: grand croix; grand officier; commandeur; officier, and chevalier.

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V-Day Named One of Philanthropedia's Expert-Recommended High-Impact Nonprofits!

In January 2012, we were honored to learn that a group of 77 experts identified V-Day as 1 of 14 high-impact nonprofits working in the field of violence against women internationally!

Some of reviews experts had about our impact were:

"As a global epidemic entrenched in silence and cultural norms, violence against women requires a nuanced public outcry, constituency-building at a broad scale, a shift in values/consciousness/behavior, and a major investment in resources for both local-level interventions and mass-media campaigns. V-Day is one of the only organizations I have ever seen be able to truly stake the claim to these accomplishments: mobilizing hundreds of thousands as community organizers of powerfully emotional awareness-raising events. combining art and activism and earned media. reaching across the globe to audiences young and old. and using an incredible combination of humor and pathos to reach people who might think they are otherwise unaffected by violence and make them feel the outcry, too. The brilliance of this is that it succeeds at celebrating and defending women's sexuality while condemning sexual violence. quashing the typical backlash against women's sexual activity that often accompanies public stories about rape, harassment, or abuse. V-Day has been empowering to women at a personal and political level, providing women a mouthpiece to express solidarity, indignant and outcry against VAW in local settings (of every country) as much as in specific international contexts such as Iraq, Haiti, and the DRC, and against our individual selves."

"Through the 1990s and the 00s, violence against women (VAW) gained massive momentum among women's organizations as the most primary of female human rights issues that required our hard work, advocacy, programs & services, and campaigns. And yet, it was consistently under-funded by foundations and the international donor community, and under-prioritized in government budget allocations. V-Day's accomplishment of raising $80 million by local organizers for local VAW organizations in its first 10 years is a staggering, mind-blowing achievement. Leap-frogging the grant makers who have been slow to concede the need and importance of investing in this issue. Last, Eve Ensler's ceaseless devotion to V-Day, globe-trotting and publishing op-eds and performing, has almost single-handedly created an awareness of international VAW issues in major publications that would have otherwise kept their readers oblivious to the depth and extent of VAW issues around the world and the heroics at work to intercede."

"On of V-Day's strength is its leadership. Eve Ensler, founder, president and artistic director, is a charismatic leader who can engage and "activate" diverse audiences. Also, V-Day's original model/way of working is a strength. By making available a successful theatrical piece as a fundraising (and awareness raising) tool for local organizations around the world, and by emphasizing the creative and celebratory aspect of anti-violence work, V-Day has added a whole new dimension to VAW advocacy/activism."

To read more about experts in the field have to say about V-Day click on the Expert Reviews section on our organization profile here >

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