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City of Joy Celebrates First Graduating Class

On Saturday, January 28, V-Day and the Fondation Panzi (DRC), will celebrate the first graduating class of City of Joy in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). City of Joy, a revolutionary community for women survivors of gender violence, opened its doors to the pilot class of 42 women this summer.

This first class has taken part in a diverse and impactful six-month curriculum that includes: group psychotherapy; self-defense; English; literacy; communications; civic and political education including civil rights; comprehensive sexuality education; massage; physical education, and horticulture. The program was designed by local staff to address the unique emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of Congolese women survivors of gender violence, and to provide them with the tools necessary to return to and thrive in their communities upon graduation.

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REMINDER: Eve Live Tweeting from City of Joy in Congo!

Eve is currently in the DRC where she is live tweeting from the City of Joy! Sign up to follow Eve on Twitter and be a part of the preparations by receiving updates directly from Eve, such as messages from the graduates:

@eveensler: From Jane at City of Joy: "Political leaders should invest in punishing all perpetrators of violence against women. NOW!"

And glimpses into life at City of Joy:

@eveensler: Women reclaim sexuality, confidence-drumming to the beat of a new life coming from their hearts bodies & each other in the #cityofjoy

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