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MEPs Perform The Vagina Monologues As A Cross-Party Call To Action To End Violence Against Women And Girls

"I am very moved and proud to join with women Members of the European Parliament who are standing with women across Europe and the world and putting their vision, votes, hearts and vaginas on the line to end violence against women and girls", said Eve Ensler, "Their participation in V-Day signals the beginning of the rising."

Today in the European Parliament, Eve Ensler is joining nine MEPs in a very special and unique performance of The Vagina Monologues to raise public and EU decision makers' awareness on the importance to put an end to violence against women and girls in Europe and around the world.

The sold out production will feature Franziska Brantner (Greens, Germany), Isabelle Durant (Greens, Belgium), Marielle Gallo (EPP, France), Ana Gomes (S&D, Portugal), Kartika Tamara Liotard (GUE NGL, Netherlands), Ulrike Lunacek (Greens, Austria), Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland), Renate Weber (ALDE, Romania) and Cecilia Wikström (ALDE, Sweden).

"Violence against women is not a fair weather topic. In times of economic crisis, domestic violence rises across Europe. I am delighted that we succeeded in mobilising a cross-party group of women MEPs to go on stage for this call to end violence against women" said Franziska Brantner MEP (Germany).

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European Parliament Joins One Billion Rising!

"I celebrate the V-Day this year by participating in the parliamentary performance of the play The Vagina Monologues, joining thousands of other global initiatives aimed at establishing an open debate without taboos about female sexuality and violence against women and girls. Profiting from the winds of courage blowing from the Arab revolutions, we have a unique opportunity to give voice to women in the fight against rape, incest, genital mutilation, trafficking, and sexual slavery" - Ana Gomes MEP (Portugal)

The European Parliament performance of The Vagina Monologues is part of V-Day's 2012 season of events and campaigns, joining over 1,850 colleges and communities around the world that are hosting V-Day benefit events and launching a year-long global campaign: ONE BILLION RISING. V-Day's most ambitious campaign yet, ONE BILLION RISING will culminate on February 14, 2013, V-Day's 15th anniversary, when women, activists, and concerned citizens across the world will organize community gatherings to express their outrage, demand change, strike, and dance in defiance of the injustices they have suffered.

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