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OBR-vote.jpgV-Day and thousands of V-activists around the world have dedicated their lives to making this world a safe place for their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.

V-Day supports women - their right to make decisions about their bodies and destinies is paramount to our movement. We urge all of you who are eligible to vote in the United States to GET OUT AND VOTE this Tuesday, November 6th.

DON'T KNOW WHERE TO VOTE? Find your polling station here >

With the U.S. Election a few days away, we fear that what strides we have made towards a safer and more equal United States are in jeopardy of being reversed. Your voice matters!

Need more inspiration? Check out Influential Women Speak Out on the Election by Marianne Schnall featuring Eve, Isabel Allende, Ai-Jen Poo, Pat Mitchell, Gloria Steinem, Rebecca Walker, and many more > 


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