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"EMOTIONAL CREATURE opens your mind, it opens your eyes, and it opens your heart in so many ways.

Next week is the official opening of Emotional Creature off-Broadway!

Eve’s new piece has enjoyed fantastic audiences since it entered previews at the Romulus
Linney Courtyard Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center, and we wanted to
share with you some great video responses from members of the audience. Please spread
the word and share these videos with your friends and networks!

Suze Orman is an Emotional Creature Rosario Dawson on Emotional Creature
Emotional Creature Audiences Share Their Testimonials What is Emotional Creature? CHECK OUT the teaser!

JOIN the #IHeartEC Twitter Project!

Join thousands of activists who are taking to Twitter to let the world know why
THEY are emotional creatures! Don't forget to add #IHeartEC to your tweet!
- "I am an emotional creature because..."

I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE BECAUSE... I am human. #IHeartEC ...I am me, I am
#IHeartEC ...I can be myself and accept it for who I am. #IHeartEC ...I want to live
my life fearlessly.
#IHeartEC ...I want to change. #IHeartEC ...I am learning about myself
every day.
#IHeartEC ...I am a girl and I am powerful. #IHeartEC ...I am free. #IHeartEC

For tickets click HERE

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