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We're At the Precipice of a New World
YOUR PLEDGE is Needed To Take The Leap

We are only days away from One Billion Rising and couldn't be more excited! There are now 200 countries signed up to participate in this world wide event, along with world leaders, celebrities, organizations, and activists who are ready to Strike, dance, RISE, proving that everyone is ready to say enough and end violence against women for good.

One Billion Rising is the beginning of the new world ignited by a new energy. It is not the end of our struggle but the escalation of it, and while we are all ready to shake the earth with our dancing on 14 February, we are asking everyone to make One Billion Rising more than just a single day of action. 

By taking the One Billion Rising Pledge, and asking EVERYONE at your event to do the same, you are helping to finish what we have all started by making ending violence against women and girls THE central issue locally, nationally, and internationally. The world is ready to shift and it begins with you.  The One Billion revolution has started and with your pledge it will continue to grow.

Imagine a billion activated pledges. It starts with YOU!

TAKE the One Billion Rising Pledge >


While you're striking, dancing, and rising on the streets, we want #1BillionRising to be trending online! Wherever you post, be sure to use the official hashtag, #1BillionRising. We want to see your photos, videos, hear your sounds, and read your comments. We have a unique opportunity to trend in every country in the world. Let's make it happen.

  • Twitter user? Please post all your updates using the #1BillionRising hashtag.
  • Facebook? Post your photos for your friends and on our wall so we can share them.
  • Google+ user? Join our One Billion Rising Event and upload your photos directly from your mobile device!
  • Instagram-er? Be sure to tag your shots #1BillionRising.
  • YouTube star? #1BillionRising.

You get the idea.

We look forward to seeing you all RISE on 14 February! #1BillionRising


Please join our #1BillionRising online flash mob on Thunderclap! And please ask your friends and followers to join us too.


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