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RISING Blog Series: Farmworkers, European Women's Lobby & V-Day Staff

In this fourth installment of the RISING Blog series, we hear from Mily Trevino-Saucedo executive director of Lideres Campesinas, Colette de Troy & Valentina Brogna from the European Women's Lobby; and V-Day staff members Tony Montenieri and Kate Fisher.

by Colette de Troy & Valentina Brogna, Regional Coordinators (European Women's Lobby)
One Billion Rising was an exciting way of campaigning against violence against women. We used music and art, we danced and sang, using our bodies to protest and to occupy public spaces so that our message could not be ignored and could be conveyed in a positive, non-violent way.
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by Mily Trevino-Saucedo, Regional Coordinator
¡Gracias a Eve y a toda la gente de V-Day que nos animó a ser parte de este esfuerzo global! Nos sentimos parte de un mundo que aún cree en la justicia, la paz y la no violencia.
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by Tony Montenieri, V-Day Director of Operations
OBR technically began for me on February 14th 2012. Eve was flying from Australia to Los Angeles where after being on a plane for 14 hours she would get off the plane and head to CNN to announce the global action called One Billion Rising.
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by Kate Fisher, V-Day Communications & Special Events Director
I'm not a dancer. I'm not overly coordinated. I'm a little self-conscious, I'm not at all graceful, and my rhythm is suspect.
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RISE with Your Fellow Activists for V-Season 2013!

Bangladesh, Iran, the Yale Divinity School, New Dehli, Qatar, Ecuador, Russia, Jerusalem, Vienna, Namibia, Turkey, Germany, Nigeria, Japan, Bolivia...these are just a fraction of the over 1,500 locations (and still growing) where V-Day benefit events are taking place this V-Season. V-Activists everywhere are taking the energy from ONE BILLION RISING and using it in their communities to raise funds and awareness to end violence against women and girls.

With four weeks left, there are hundreds of V-Day benefit events taking place throughout the world, so check out our V-Map, find an event near you, and don't miss this opportunity to keep the momentum going!

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