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We Rise With Our Mothers!

This Sunday, women and men, boys and girls around the world will celebrate Mother's Day. Please consider giving a V-Gift to support the global movement to end violence against women and girls on behalf of your mother, friends, and loved ones.

We have two specially designed 2013 Mother’s Day V-Cards available to choose from. With your donation V-Day will send the electronic card of your choice letting your loved one know of their unique gift in their honor.

CLICK HERE to give this V-Gift >

To send a V-Card on the donate page, check the box next to "Donate on behalf of a loved one?" labeled "Yes, I would like to send a V-Day e-card," chose the design you would like to send, and fill in the rest of the information to finish designing your gift.

CLICK HERE to give this V-Gift >

Don’t Forget: Check out Eve Ensler on Her U.S. Book Tour

Eve continues her 19-city U.S. tour for her latest book, In the Body of the World, with upcoming events in Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and more.

Check out the full schedule here >

WATCH Mark Matousek in Conversation With Eve Ensler >

LEARN MORE about In The Body Of The World >

V-Day thanks Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt for its support of our work.


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