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V-Day Statement Against Possible US Military Intervention in Syria

The situation in Syria is dire with 100,000 dead, over 2 million having fled the country (half of them children), and 4.25 million internally displaced.

V-Day calls on you, our community, to rise and make our voices heard against military intervention, as such an action would simply bring about more violence and suffering.

Today, we call on the U.S. to uphold the unconditional right of the Syrian people to self-determination, and we call on the world to oppose any U.S. military intervention in Syria. Experience shows us that military interventions harm innocent women, men, and children. Time and again we have seen how violence against women greatly increases in times of military conflict. We have seen how U.S. interventions in the past have led to more deaths and human rights violations against innocent people, and how aggression has not been a solution for conflict or restoration of security.

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Rise4Justice in Iraq: Urgent Appeal From The Organization Of Women’s Freedom In Iraq

Yanar Mohammed, President and co-founder of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), released this statement and urgent call to action in response to the thousands of Iraqi children born with serious birth defects caused by the humanitarian crisis created by the U.S. military when they withdrew, and is calling for accountability, reparations, and responsibility by the U.S. Government.

Dear Friends in the global women's movement, human rights groups, and political activists,

Thousands of Iraqi children who are less than 10 years in age have birth defects of the same kinds. Some young Iraqi mothers have more than one disabled child, especially if they live in the hot zones of battles with the US troops, or around the US military bases.

Our fact-finding mission in 2011 found more than 350 children and babies with the same defects in the town of Hawija. After we publicized the news, other Hawija families contacted us, and the number has gone to over 600-disabled children- all limbs are paralyzed and the brains underdeveloped.




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