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V-Leadership in Kabul, Afghanistan!

V-Day has committed to supporting PWCE (Promoting Women Capabilities by Education) to run an extraordinary leadership center in the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan. The center is providing free, non-formal education in literacy, science, computers, family planning and English for Afghan women and girls, as well as legal, psychosocial and counseling support. It is currently serving 150 and has the capacity to serve 250.

LEARN MORE & support this amazing grassroots initiative >

READ Longtime V-Day activist Fareba's letter about the center >

Activist Asha Kowtal & Filmmaker Thenmozhi Soundararajan Launch National Tour on the Epidemic of Caste-Based Sexual Violence in India

Following the historic Dalit Women's Self-Respect March in India, activist Asha Kowtal of All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, a platform for Dalit Women to escalate our voices for justice, and Filmmaker and Dalit-American Thenmozhi Soundararajan are launching the first National series of conversations on the epidemic of caste-based sexual violence in India. With over 25% of 80,000 million of India Dalit Women reporting some act of sexual violence this movement is at critical mass.

The tour begins this Saturday in New York and will include stops in Washington DC, Boston, Princeton, San Jose, Berkeley, Akron, and San Francisco. The launch for this tour is in New York and is co-sponsored by South Asia Solidarity Initiative, V-Day, and the Ravidass Temple of Woodside.

LAUNCH DATE: Saturday, 12 April 2014
TIME: 5:00 PM
VENUE: Institute for Public Knowledge, 20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor, Room 503, Main Conference Room

V-Girls Joins 2014 National Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

In the United States, April marks National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) during which activists raise awareness about sexual violence and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent it.

Since this year's campaign focuses on healthy sexuality and young people, V-Girls is taking action and we invite you to join us regardless of where in the world you are!

Follow our tumblr at where we will be focusing on healthy relationships and consent. Each day we will be sharing new information and resources. We are joining the #30DaysOfSAMM instagram challenge put on by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center over at @emo_creature and encouraging for our organizers to get involved.

Contact for more information.



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