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Our OWFI Sisters In Iraq Need Your Urgent Support

Dear activists,

The situation in Iraq is shocking and brutal. Our sisters are being murdered, raped, sold and held hostage. They have asked for our help.

By donating to the Rising Fund you will immediately benefit women on the ground. 100% of donations will go directly to these efforts via the Organization of Women's Freedom Iraq (OWFI). Please consider donating whatever you can - everything and anything will help.

Long time V-Day sister Yanar Mohammed from OWFI wrote last night:

Dear Friends in V-Day,

Here in Iraq, we are shocked every other day with a new massacre. After ISIS invaded the city of Mosul, one city fell after the other, and the political and military establishment in Iraq turned out to be a joke, but a bad one, for which millions of Iraqis had to pay the price.

In the following weeks of June, "Sunni" ISIS attacked the Turkomen Shia of the city of Telafar and caused the mass immigration of hundreds of thousands. After killing hundreds of the men, and kidnapping their wives and sisters and detaining them in what is similar to concentration camps; in schools, a movie theater building and in the airport. Hundreds of women were destined to becoming sexual slaves and human shields in this city.

In July, many cities of Western Iraq were invaded also, Tikrit and Baiji where the oil fields were taken, and tens of thousands of residents turned into refugees.

Our OWFI branch in the city of Hawija was flooded by refugee women and their children, who were sheltered in our offices, and then distributed to the houses of our supporters. And Hawija also fell under ISIS control, but with less atrocities, because many of the locals joined ISIS ranks, due to the previous oppression of the Iraqi government to them. Still, an ISIS leader came to our office and questioned our representative ms. Khadija Husein angrily, asking where her financing was from. The locals defended her, saying that her services were very important and that they need it. Therefore, OWFI has a branch which is open and functioning under the Islamic State now.


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