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RISE FOR A FAIR WAGE! Join the National Day of Action Tuesday, October 14 to Support the One Fair Wage

Join Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United), Eve Ensler and One Billion Rising: Revolution and rise for a fair wage. In today's economy, families depend on both men and women to make ends meet. Corporations have stacked the deck against us, raking in profits while we struggle with increasing costs and jobs that hardly pay the bills. Women are at the core of the modern economy, but families can't prosper as long as our laws about work and family are stuck in the past. Our mothers, sisters, and daughters deserve full and fair opportunities to succeed, just like our brothers and sons. It's time to update our economy to make it work for women and their families, not just for rich corporations. Our families, our economy, and our country depend on it.

On Tuesday, October 14, Join ROC-United, Eve Ensler, and One Billion Rising in a National Day of Action for ONE FAIR WAGE and an end to gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.

The action will include a flash mob of dancing servers, worker stories from ROC members, and an opportunity for others to share their stories and experiences in the industry.

Join Us for the One Fair Wage National Day of Action!


Time & Date of Action

Location of Action

ROC Staff Contact

Berkeley, CA

October 14, 2:30 pm

Upper Sproul, UC Berkeley Campus

Andrew Sudler

Boston, MA

October 14, 12:00 pm

115 Huntington Avenue (Prudential Center, in front of the Cheesecake Factory)

Maddie Conway

Chicago, IL


Irene Juaniza

Detroit, MI

October 14, 10:00 am

Governor's Office of Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives, 3044 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48202

Alicia Renee Farris

Houston, TX


Jesus Waldo

Los Angeles, CA

October 14, 11:00 am

735 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA (In front of the Fig at 7th Shopping Plaza)

Kathy Hoang

New Orleans, LA

October 14, 12:00 pm

Riverwalk/Aquarium Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, #1 Canal Street

Le'Kedra Robertson

NYC Event Features Guest Speakers Eve Ensler & Saru Jayaraman

New York City, NY

October 14, 11:00 am

New York City Hall Steps, City Hall Park

Andrew Nguyen

Philadelphia, PA

October 14, 5:00 pm

227 S. 18th Street (Rittenhouse Square, in front of Parc Restaurant)

Calvin Okunoye

Washington, DC

October 14, 5:15 pm

1615 H Street NW Washington, DC (in front of the National Chamber of Commerce)

Stephanie Roth

NEW BLOGS by Global Coordinators Anne-Christine D'Adesky & Kamla Bhasin

One Billion Rising Global Coordinators Anne-Christine D'Adesky and Kamla Bhasin writes to us from One Billion Rising: Revolution launch events in Haiti and Nepal:

"Vaginas In The Haitian Parliament!" by Anne-Christine D'adesky, Haiti

Today was a historic day for Haiti and for the groups in the One Billion Rising for Revolution movement in and outside Haiti. We hosted The Vagina Monologues in Kreyol and French by the talented performance group Theatre Atelier Ecolosion, led by Florence Jean-Louis and the superstar actors Cynthia Jean-Louis and Ange Bellie Andou — great talents and sexy performers — and also Fabienne Colimon, et Huguette Saint Fleur. Eve Ensler was the special guest of this event hosted by Senators from the Parliament and joined by Deputys. We had a packed house, and a very appreciative audience. For many, it was the first time they had heard such positive, open discussions of women's sexuality and desire, and it was a most welcome one. The men of the Parliament warmly embraced the play, the themes and the cause of the One Billion Rising Revolution, and have proclaimed themselves strong allies ready to do their part.

CONTINUE reading >

"One Billion Rising" by Kamla Bhasin, South Asia

One in three women on the planet is violated, beaten or raped.
This is one billion women!!
It is the biggest war ever and it takes place within our homes and communities.
Patriarchal structures and mindsets are responsible for this war on women. In addition, we now have modern, capitalist patriarchy, corporate media, mindless consumerism, cosmetic industries, and garish weddings with exorbitant dowries that objectify women and girls on the one hand and make our boys and men violent and greedy, on the other.

CONTINUE reading >

TELL US! What is YOUR Revolution?

What does YOUR REVOLUTION look like? As #1BillionRising Revolution brings the global discussion to the forefront from Swaziland, to Miami, to Guyana, we want to hear from you. SHARE YOUR REVOLUTION video, photos and words today. How will you create a radical shift in consciousness to end violence against women and girls?

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