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RISE 4 REVOLUTION Through Art, Music & Voices - Share YOUR Revolution!

What does your REVOLUTION look like? How do you think change can happen? How will you create a radical shift in consciousness?

As ONE BILLION RISING REVOLUTION brings this global discussion to the forefront, we want to hear from YOU. SHARE your revolution through art, video, photos and words.

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Check Out New Videos from Eve, Thandie Newton, One Billion Rising Tunisia and Climbing PoeTree!

  • Eve Ensler at The National Bioneers Conference

    On 17 October, Eve delivered the keynote speech at the National Bioneers Conference. Her talk deconstructs the tale of Adam and Eve from a feminist perspective and calls on all of us to drum up the Revolution in 2015.

  • WATCH >

  • My Revolution: Thandie Newton

    V-Board member, actor and activist Thandie Newton shares her revolution. Will you join her?

    WATCH >

  • #Rise4Revolution – One Billion Rising Tunisia

    One Billion Rising Tunisia created this fantastic graphical interpretation of the campaigns global call to action.

    WATCH >

  • Climbing PoeTree: "Heart Led Rebellion"

    Climbing PoeTree's new ballad about the unstoppable power of the people features a myriad of activists, educators, and radical artists in NYC, Seattle, and the Bay Area.

    WATCH >

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