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V-Activist Discount For Eve's New Play O.P.C. at American Repertory Theater

American Repertory Theater has offered a discount rate for V-Day activists to Eve's new Play O.P.C. at the Loeb Theater in Cambridge.

V-Activists receive $10 off all tickets for any show during the run starting today through 4 January.

To take advantage of this deal just enter the promotional code vday10 when selecting your tickets.


O.P.C. is a new comedy exploring consumption and politics that asks, "How are we to survive as a species if we insist on destroying the world we love?" A dumpster-diving freegan is doing just fine squatting in an abandoned apartment, but when her mother, a candidate running for the Senate, tries to make her toe the party line, radicalism comes into collision with mainstream liberalism. Mother and daughter wrestle with the inconvenient truths at the heart of consumer culture, tossed between political compromise and "obsessive political correctness."

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