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The Revolution Is Beginning! RISINGS Start Across the Planet

On Saturday, 7 February, One Billion Rising Revolution kicked-off the year in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom with ARTISTIC UPRISING, a one-night-only benefit event that brought together a groundbreaking group of performers and artists united around the common goal of ending violence against women.

ARTITIC UPRISING was just the beginning, events are happening around the globe this week as we lead up to 14 February 2015.

Youth Rising: Lucban Elementary School Dances for Women and Children's Rights Anew

Around 1,500 gathered to rise and dance as a symbol of commitment to end all forms of violence against women and children in Baguio City in the Philippines on 6 February 2015.

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Gambia Is Rising Against Gender Based Violence

Events in the Gambia will focus on the Ebola advocacy in solidarity with Nigerian sisters and the condemnation of the violation of Women's Rights in the name of religion.

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JOIN ROC United & Rise For The Raise on Fri, 13 Feb Day of Action: Justice Is What Love Looks Like In Public

ROC United & One Billion Rising have announced their February Day Of Action for One Fair Wage and Rise for the Raise. On 13 Feb, RISE for restaurant workers' right to be paid a fair wage. Share your action on social media using #recipe4love.

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TUNE IN tomorrow to see Eve Ensler and Kimberlé Crenshaw, co-founder of the African American Policy Forum and V-Board member on Democracy Now talking about One Billion Rising and #BlackGirlsMatter. Check local listings for times and channels.

MORE Upcoming RISINGS Include:

12 Feb, Miami is marching from Plaza to Biscayne Boulevard and back with huge One Billion Rising signs, pickets, instruments and more to manifest to Stop Sex Trafficking in Miami.

13 Feb, Santa Fe will hold community testimonials of revolutionary stories and demand support at the State Capitol and will surprise the legislature with a flash mob.

13 Feb Guatemala is rising create an environment of equality for girls, boys, women and men in multiple locations across the country.

Veterans are RISING at the Nations' Capitol
VetsRising is an initiative created by survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) uniting women and men defenders to stop military rape and sexual assault through real reform, spontaneous dancing, drumming, RISING! on V-Day 2015. They are calling on veterans to RISE in all 50 states and are hosting a main event in D.C. on the Lincoln Memorial on 14 Feb.

JOIN them in D.C. >

Additional risings are happening across the globe. For the online listing of events, please visit

WATCH: The State Of Female Revolution

On Sunday, One Billion Rising REVOLUTION presented an exciting panel, The State of Female Revolution featuring Agnes Pareyio, Monique Wilson, Zoya, Christine Schuler Deschryver, Kimberlé Crenshaw and Eve Ensler Moderated by GRITtv's Laura Flanders.

A conversation about what it takes to build revolution, be in solidarity and affect change >

READ: "I Survived Abuse And It Led Me To Start An Uprising" by South Africa Youth Coordinator Karabo Tshikube

In 2011. During my first year at the Market theatre laboratory (school for performance). I auditioned to be in the South African production of a play called "Emotional Creature" by Eve Ensler. I was an angry, bitter child. I was nineteen years old, had no language to describe what had happened to me to make me so angry, so shut down, so broken. My audition was the beginning of a journey that has changed my life. It has led me to discover a way to heal, a way to forgive­ and a way to dedicate my life to helping other people find healing and Closure. Telling my story was really painful. But I hope by telling it to you, it might help you too.

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SHARE Your Rising Events With The World!

Every day we are receiving news of new risings, with new calls for REVOLUTION!

Activists have already started to share photos, video and audio updates, statements from their RISING events. You can follow the action on our homepage, which has been taken over by the global activists.

Share your events for the world to see using the official hashtags for this year's rising: #rise4revolution & #1billionrising. The first two years we trended on 14 Feb so remember to tag all your photos, videos and updates so we can share them across social media platforms.

You can also tag us or post to our accounts:

Facebook: /vday
Twitter: @vday
Instagram: @vdayorg
Soundcloud: /vday

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