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One Billion Rising Revolution

One Billion Rising 2016: The Revolution Escalates

indonesia poster.jpgFor the fourth year, globally One Billion Rising activists are planning their rising events, artistic uprisings, panel discussions, press conference, town halls, movies, articles, gatherings, poetry, art, posters, actions, and protests to take place on and about 14 February. With the theme – ONE BILLION RISING: Rise for REVOLUTION 2016, this year's campaign will escalate the collective actions of activists worldwide, and amplify their call for systemic changes towards ending violence against women and girls once and for all.

Rising events will continue to focus on highlighting and creating bold artistic initiatives that reflect the actions taking place in communities. The theme Rise for Revolution allows creative and artistic expressions, multi-sectoral involvement, and provides a unique space to engage people from all walks of life. It allows the use of imagination, art and political actions – and allows everyone the freedom to localise their campaigns. REVOLUTION can bring everyone from the personal to the political – from the "I" to the "We". It harnesses collective energy because it is hopeful and envisions possibilities and a future.

"We've danced, we've demanded justice, we've demanded changes. This year we are radicalising our actions — enlarging, deepening and expanding the revolution. Let's continue to shift consciousness and be braver, bolder, more creative and determined with our actions. Communities will focus on the most marginalised women and girls to bring about true, long lasting change," stated Monique Wilson, Global One Billion Rising Director.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.43.27 AM.jpg"We are evolving our fight against violence against women, knowing that unless we put the marginalized at the lead, unless we address imperialism, war, climate change, racism, economic inequality, workers rights and patriarchy we will never end violence against women and girls. Let's go further than we have ever gone, igniting revolution and paradigm change," stated Eve, Founder of One Billion Rising.

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One Billion Rising 2016 Tour with Eve & Monique

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Eve Ensler and Monique Wilson are on the road for a multiple country RISING tour including stops in Atlanta; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Cebu, Tacloban, Davao, and Manila, The Philippines; Hong Kong; Playa Del Carmen and Mexico City, Mexico, and London where they will join local organizers and activists for local events. Each rising, city and country is applying the 2016 call to action in their local context, focusing on marginalized communities and calling for justice and systems change to end all forms of violence against women in girls.

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Documenting the Revolution

In 2016, we Rise for Revolution and we want to world to witness every sight and sound of this extraordinary global action.

Please heavily document your event. On the day of your rising, share your photos, video and audio updates with the global audience! Before and during the events, whether on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook, or Soundcloud, post using our hashtags and we'll include them on our digital hub at and for everyone to see.

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RISE for Revolution in Your Community

Rising events have already begun, but there is still plenty of time to RISE in your community. Find events online using our interactive map. Spread the word, share art, photos & videos across social media using the hashtags #rise4revolution and #1billionrising.

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