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One Billion Rising Revolution

One Billion Rising 2016 In Action

Every February through 8 March, thousands of Risings take place in communities around the world – to show the world what one billion looks like and shine a light on the rampant impunity and injustice that survivors of various forms of violence face. Through the collective efforts of activists in 200 countries, One Billion Rising has mobilised, engaged, awakened and joined people worldwide to end violence against women. In 2016, the theme of Revolution continues with a call to focus on marginalised women and to bring national and international focus to their issues; to bring in new artistic energy; to amplify Revolution as a call for system change to end violence against women and girls; to call on people to rise for others, and not just for ourselves.

Stay tuned for live updates on our website and social media channels, and RISE in your community and online!

Rising for Revolution Across the Philippines!

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The 2016 OBR tour continues as Eve and Monique RISE with local organizers and grassroots activists in cities and regions across the country.

In Tondo, they rose for Life & Livelihood, demanding and end to violence and poverty and against the new coal factory that is dumping in the area, further endangering residents. In Tacloban City, they rose for justice for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and for Climate Justice. In Davao City, they are rose for Lumad rights, rose against militarization, against mining & environmental plunder, and against political oppression and killing. The Mindanao region of the Philippines is rich in natural mineral resources, making it the target of large scale mining international companies who are plundering and pillaging these rich bountiful land of gold, copper, nickel and chromite - displacing thousands of Lumads from their ancestral domains, and harassing, oppressing and killing them under the Philippine Governments Oplan Bayanihan operations. The OBR Davao event had the participation of multi-sectoral grassroots communities - workers, urban poor, peasants, teachers, students, women's groups, community groups, families of migrants, LGBT groups, groups for the rights of sex workers, and Lumad communities who are currently displaced because of militarization and living in evacuation camps in the city.

READ local reporting on their tour

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WATCH Eve & Monique's recent CNN interview >

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Watch Risings Events From Dhaka & Davao

Even if you missed the Livestreams of global One Billion Rising events as they happend LIVE, you can still watch footage from the Risings online.

WATCH Dhaka Artistic Rising >


WATCH Dhaka Youth Rising >

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WATCH Davao Rising >

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Share the Call for Revolution Online

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The One Billion Rising energy around the world is amazing, risings are already happening globally, and we are once again looking to make our call heard loud and clear on 14 February using our Thunderclap campaign! Sign up and Thunderclap will share this year's Rising message simultaneously around the world on 14 Feb, amplifying our call for Revolution.

JOIN the Thunderclap >


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