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21 Years Later And Still Healing A Reflection on Performing "Crooked Braid" By V-Activist Onna LeBeau


After performing the spotlight monologue The Crooked Braid in a 2016 production of The Vagina Monologues, Omaha Tribe member Onna Webster LeBeau wrote to V-Day to share her experience of participating in the play and performing the piece for an audience full of many strong women including many Native American women. Her blog is a reflection on her continued path of healing and strength:

The Crooked Braid monologue was created after Eve Ensler interviewed women from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in my home state of South Dakota. "Crooked Braid" is the voice of many Native American women who have been victims of domestic abuse. I am American Indian. I am an enrolled member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. For me "Crooked Braid" became personal. I couldn't allow it to become personal. Each time I read through the monologue I had to mentally prepare myself to allow the voice, my voice, become the voice of the Lakota winyan (Lakota woman), the UmoNhoN wau (Omaha woman) the voice of far too many American Indian women. Each time I read through "Crooked Braid" I was the woman told to stay home by the man who was going to go out drinking and who knows what else. Like the woman in Crooked Braid I was the woman who was tossed around in a parking lot like a rag doll. I was the woman who quietly hated her husband and wished the worst wishes ever, who feared her son(s) would inherit the abuse as the victim and eventually the abuser.

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Mother's Day V-Card!


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Quartz Covers V-Day Taconic 2016 Performance At Queensboro Men's Prison

A must-read piece in Quartz features a short video with performances including Lin Tucci of Orange Is the New Black performing and feedback from the audience. The groundbreaking V-Day Taconic 2016 tour of "The Vagina Monologues" a included a stop at Queensboro Correctional Facility, a prison that prepares inmates to re-enter society, in addition to performances at The Fortune Society, Edgecombe Residential Treatment Facility, and a benefit at Cherry Lane Theatre.

READ the article and WATCH the video >

Taconic Queensborough.jpg
Photo Credit: Siyi Chen/Quartz


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